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Title: An Angel's Love
Fandom: Original  - "Divine Destiny"
Characters/Pairings: Original - Nathanael/Sara Westhill
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A young woman and her angel become one.
Warnings: inexplicit sex, ideologically sensitive
A/N: written for Citrus_Taste prompt #13 (Lime) / #17 (Kink)

I tangle my fingers in his thick brown hair and I desperately try to pull him closer so there is no space between us. I am overwhelmed by the feeling of him inside me - it was wonderful but also slightly frightening. He moves tenderly deeper into me with each thrust

“Nathanael” I manage to whisper. His blue-eyes meet my green ones. He leans down and kissed me tenderly on the lips, I close my eyes surrounding myself with the way he feels and tastes. He thrusts more passionately suddenly there is a brief moment of pain. I hold on to him tighter and he kisses me deeper. The pain is quickly replaced with pleasure - pure pleasure.

I can feel a burning in my stomach and I know he must as well. His movements become rougher - more desperate. I can tell he is close as am I. My hands grip is shoulders desperately as my body moves with him. Suddenly a moment of pure bliss. We are both out of breath and he lowers himself on me. Our body mold together. I close my eyes trying to catch my breath and focus.

There is suddenly a rush of air around me and I slowly open my eyes. What I see is beautiful. Nathanael’s wings are unfurled, they are covered in opalescent white feathers. I can feel his breath warm against my neck, I turn my head to meet his eyes.

“I thought..” I whispered still slightly out of breath.

“We’re mated.” He whispered back, I look at him questionably “Only you.” he continues and smiles at me.

I slowly move my hand from his shoulder to the edge of one of his wings. I touch it as gently as I can, the feathers are a soft as down. Nathanael’s eyes are now closed and his breathing is even. I softy run my hand through the soft feathers, his back arches in response.

“I’m sorry” I whisperer to him his eyes slowly open and gaze into mine

“Sara, I love you” he responds his lips inches from mine “don’t be sorry” he leans down and kisses me tenderly.

My hands moves from his wing to the back of his head and I pull him deeper into the kiss. I close my eyes surrounding myself in his taste, his touch. I feel a brush of soft feathers against me and when I open my eyes I am surrounded my his wings. We are cocooned within them. I close my eyes as he slowly pulls away. I drift off to sleep, knowing I am safe and loved.


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