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Fandom: Original - "Child of Darkness"
Rating: R
Warnings: in-explicate sex and nudity
Characters/Pairings: Original - Orias/Vera Roberts
Summary: Written for 100 Themes Challenge at deviantART. Orias and Vera become lovers and mates.
Disclaimer: Characters and story are mine!

He was holding her as I lover would - their bodies pressed together - his lips devouring the soft skin of her neck as she squirmed against him. His thumb tracing small circles on the smooth skin of her lower back. Her eyes were closed as she savored his touch and his lips.

They had come so far in the last month - he had spent every evening with her earning her trust, her love. He had proved to her that he was capable of being gentle and loving. “Orias” she whispered in his ears “Take me” this sudden revelation caused him to stop and look up at her. He looked questionably at her, this is what he wanted but he had to be sure “You’ve proven it” she paused and stroked his cheek “I’m yours”.

There are no words to describe the look in his eyes “Are you sure?” he asked her pressing their foreheads together. Her sweet scent intoxicated him.

“Yes” came the whispered reply as she closed her eyes. He kissed her tenderly - as he always did. He gently slid her nightshirt over her head exposing her breasts and pushed down her panties as she squirmed out of them. There was nothing separating them. He shifted her leg over so that she straddled him as she entangled her fingers in his thick wavy hair and he deepened the kiss. She pulled away and looked deep into his eyes and pressed their foreheads together.

“I will do everything in my power to protect you” he whispered taking her face in his hands. Once they mated there was no looking back. Being the mate of an Oni comes with danger. Not so much from the process itself but from the outside.

“I know” she whispered before they resumed kissing. She can feel the fire within her building, a fire only he could extinguish.

His hands move to her hips and cup her buttocks “Tell me and I’ll stop” he whispers between kisses, she nods in reply. He slowly lowers her onto him she gasps as his tip enters her. She pulls back and they look into each others. He’s searching for signs of fear, of pain; all she sees is love and passion. She breaths and closes her eyes as more of him enters her. He can feel her start to tense “Vera, I love you” he whispers and she slowly opens her eyes and relaxes once again “you’re so beautiful” he whispers again before kissing her tenderly.

She gasps and moans as he is now almost entirely within her. She can feel herself stretching to accommodate his girth. She squirms against him as he thrusts his hips and moves in and out of her. It feels like heaven, he is heaven. Her breath catches and her legs tighten around him pressing him closer and deeper. She shifts her legs and bends her knees to allow him to penetrate her deeper.

“Orias” she gasps as she digs her fingure nails into his muscular shoulders.

“Are you alright, my love” he asks tenderly, all she can do is nod as she is lost in ecstasy.

She had made love to a man before but that man didn’t love her - not truly. Orias truly loved her - she could tell in the way he spoke to her, the way he held her...the way he makes love to her. She feels it building within her and his thrusting becomes faster and harder as he comes close as well.

“Orias!” she screams into his shoulder and holds him tighter as her release comes. He follows with a loan moan and his thrusts slow and stop.

“Vera” he whispers into her soft neck “Thank you”. He is still inside her as they look into each others eyes their breathing is uneven and their hearts racing. They are now one.

He gently lays her down on the bed and slowly pulls out of her. She feels a sudden emptiness at his absence inside her. He lays beside her and pulls her close to him. She cuddles close to him and looks up at him. His golden eyes are glistening and his dark red skin gleaming. She kisses his chest as she buries her face against him.

“How do you feel?” he asks as he lovingly runs his hand through her hair. She turns her face up to meet his eyes.

“Wonderful” she whispers as he tilts her head and kissed her.

They remain in each others embrace for the rest of the evening. They are now lovers, they are now mates.


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