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Story: Gift of the Breeze
Fandom: Original  - "From the Sea"
Characters/Pairings:  Original - Abigail Reed/Poseidon
Overall Rating: R
Summary: A young women is visited by the god of the sea.

Part One

Abigail was contently asleep in her bed. She was aware of the cool sea breeze lofting in from the open windows. It caressed her skin almost as a lover would. She rolled over feeling it on her back. Noticing it felt less like a breeze and more like skin. She slowly opened her eyes, the sun had just finished rising.

There looking back at her was a handsome man with golden blond hair and aquamarine colored eyes. He smelled like the sea. She studied him for a moment - noticing he was completely nude. His face was only inches from hers.

“Abigail” he spoke with a voice as gentle as the sea breeze its self “don’t be afraid.”

Strangely she wasn’t frightened at all of him but fascinated “I’m not” she whispered back and a small smile shown on his face “who are you?”

A twinkle formed in his eyes “You already know my name.” He saw the look of uncertainty on her face “Think of the stories your father told”

Her father told her many stories but most of them were of the sea. She inherited her love of the sea from her father. One story that always stood out to her was of the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon. A spark went off in her head as she studied the beautiful man in front of her.

“Poseidon?” she whispered and he nodded in response letting her know that he had heard her. How could that be? The Greek gods weren’t real were they?

He could tell she was becoming anxious and he reached out and softly stoked her cheek “Shh..” he comforted her and ran his hand through her hair. The look in his eyes was nothing short of love “Come closer” he whispered to her.

She hesitated for a moment before closing the few inches between them “I won’t hurt you” he whispered looking into her emerald green eyes. Strangely she knew he meant her no harm. She just looked back at him. He slowly moved his hand to the small of her back and pressed her closer “Go back to sleep” he could tell her eyelids were still heavy.

She took a slow breath and closed her eyes relieved to sleep again.

When she woke four hours later, the morning sun was shinning brightly and the breeze was slightly warmer. She saw his still laying next to her and realized she hadn't been dreaming. He felt her stir against him and looked down at her with a gently smile.

Her face was buried against his chest. She noticed how soft and smooth his skin was. She rubbed her eyes attempting to wake up. He tenderly stroked her hair “May I...kiss you?” he whispered softly. She was startled by this and he noticed “on the forehead” he clarified. She was relieved and nodded in agreement.

He leaned down and kissed her forehead softly. His lips were like silk. So many questions were running through her head. The first one being: why was he here? She looked up at him and sensing her question he whispered “I’ve been waiting a long time for you”

“For me?” he inquired not sure what else to say.

“We all have someone who is created especially for us” he explained tenderly stroking her cheek.

She didn’t know how to respond to that. She was created to be with Poseidon, the God of the Sea. Sensing her uncertainty he kissed her again, this time on her nose and than softly on the lips. She had been kissed before but it never felt like this. She suddenly pulled away - the look in her eyes broke his heart.

“I’m sorry...” he apologized “I didn’t mean to frighten you.” This was all too sudden, they had just met. She moved away from him and slid out of bed. He watched as she walked to the bathroom and closed the door.

He could hear the water running and what he though was crying. He wanted to go to her and hold her but it would only make it worse. So he let her be. He rose from her bed and looked around the room. His eyes fell upon an old photograph of Abigail and her parents with the sea in the background. They looked so joyful.

The water was warm and soothing. Abigail washed herself attempting to make sense of the man, the god, that was in her bedroom. He seemed to genuinely care for her but this was happening too fast. The smell of mangoes and pomegranates filled the shower as she closed her eyes and washed her hair. She didn’t want to leave the shower but she had to return to him. She turned off the shower and grabbed the towel hanging up on the door. In her haste she had forgotten to grab clothes to change in to. So with a sigh she wrapped herself up in the towel being sure everything that should be covered was.

She peeked out of the bathroom and saw him looking at the photographs on her dresser. He turned towards her and smiled slightly. Taking the hint he stepped away from the furnishing towards the other end of the room. She watched him and blushed when she caught her eyes wondering to his manhood - he was slightly aroused - which made her blush more. His eyes caught hers “There is nothing wrong with being curious” he responded. She could feel her cheeks burning.

She turned her eyes away and walked cautiously to her dresser, making sure he didn’t see anything that he wasn’t suppose to. She picked out some suitable clothes and reentered the bathroom - she didn’t dare dress in-front of him.

Part Two

When she re-emerged from the bathroom Poseidon was still there - but now he was starring out the window. He looked so peaceful and when he turned to look at her his eyes reflected the sea its self. His pleasant expression had not wavered. She was still arguing internally on rather or not to trust him - she knew well enough of his reputation. His gaze returned to the sea beyond.

She crept slowly towards him until she was standing besides him. He stood well over six feet tall and his whole body was well muscled - just like a Greek god should be. Not being able to resist the temptation any more she reached out and touched his back with her fingertips. Once again his attention went to her upon feeling the sensation.

“Let me love you” he whispered turning to fully face her their eyes meeting. He could tell she was still unsure “I’ll never hurt you...I can give you everything, that you have ever dreamed.” Of course he could give her everything, he was a god after all. His lips were now inches from hers and his scent intoxicated her. As she starred into his aqua colored eyes she absent-mindedly was leaning closer until there lips touched in a soft kiss than she closed her eyes. He didn’t want her to become frightened so he resist the urge to deepen it and to pull her closer.

She slowly pulled away from him and opened her eyes, he opened his as well no longer feeling her lips on his. The look in his eyes was that of concern “Abigail..” he whispered softly, a smile smile forming on her lips. She has been kissed before but it had never felt like that. He placed one of her hands on his bare chest right above his heart “I love you.” he whispered looking down into her glistening emerald eyes. She could tell from his tone that he genuinely meant it but she was still unsure if this was actually happening.

“How...” she paused looking into his eyes “do you know that?”

He smiled at her before responding “I’ve know that since the day I saw you” he paused for her reaction which understandably was that of shock “I was there the day you said goodbye to her...to him”. Tears were welling in her eyes. Her mother died after a long agonizing battle with breast cancer and her father to grief-stricken to move on without the love of his life - his soul-mate - gave up on life itself and slowly withered away.

She remembers saying good-bye to her mother and laying her to rest in the seaside cemetery not far from this house. She remembers that an Albatross flew over and how she never had saw one before. A year later she said goodbye to her father by spreading his ashes in the sea and how a lone dolphin swam by. She had only ever seen them in groups.

“The Albatross...the dolphin.” she whispered in astonishment, he simple nodded in response, tears were now steaming down her cheeks. Father always said that someone would watch out for her - he was right.

Poseidon took her in his arms and held her against his warm bare chest “I didn’t mean to upset you” he whispered comforting her. She buried her face further into his chest and breathed in his scent. A moment or two later she moved away and wiped away her eyes.

“You loved them a great deal.” He whispered raising her chin to met his eyes, she simply nodded and than he placed a soft kiss on her lips and slowly pulled away “I love you just as much” and he kissed her again. This time he slowly deepened the kiss pulling her closer - she let him. Neither of them moved...lost in each other. Her hand slowly traveled further down his body before she stopped at his navel. “Touch me.” he whispered against her lips before he continued kissing her.

She moved her hand further down until she found his now erect manhood, she was surprised at how hard and big it felt as she wrapped her fingers tenderly around it causing him to emit a quiet moan. He slowly moved his hips back and forth causing his aching member to rub between her soft fingers. She responded by tightening her grasp and stroking him harder - much to her surprise. Suddenly he stopped moving “Not like this...not now.” he responded breathlessly into the soft skin of her neck “only together.” She softly unwrapped her figures placing her hand on his stomach and moved it to the small of his back.

Part Three

They stood in each others arms a few moments longer until her stomach made her aware that she hadn't had breakfast yet. She giggled shyly squirming away from him. He just looked at her adoringly. She went to the kitchen and fixed herself some cereal. He stood their - with glistening eyes - and watched her.

Once she had finished and was rinsing out the bowl. He quietly walked behind her and ran a hand across her flat stomach and pulled her into his arms. She turned to look into his glistening eyes and paused for a moment “Take me.” she whispered to him. He was caught off guard by this and searched her eyes.

“Are you sure?” he asked her lovingly “We have plenty of moments to be together.” She smiled at him grateful for his concern. He suddenly felt her hand running down his chest to his stomach before running through the hair at the base of his manhood and than she gently stroked him.

“I know” she responded “but if we’re meant to be together...than why wait?” She could tell how his eyes sparkled more that he wanted this as much as she did. She closed the small gape between them and helped him remove her shorts. Once they touched the floor she stepped out of them. They kissed each other passionately.

He picked her up gently and sat her on the sofa and positioned her so that she was straddling him. His hands where on her buttocks to guide her as she slowly slid-down allowing him to enter her. She let out a small gasp as he filled her entirely. “Are you alright?” he asked whispering into her collar bone.

“Yes” she whispered into his soft golden hair raising her hips slightly before lowering in herself onto him. She continued riding him tenderly until it became clear it wasn’t enough. So she rode him harder and faster. Their lips found each others once again and they devoured each other in fury of kisses.

He swiftly lifted the shirt over her head and undid the clasp of her bra revealing herself fully to him. His hands caressed and rubbed her breasts causing her to moan and speed up her actions. She wrapped her fingers in his golden locks tempting to pull them closer. She arched her back as she felt herself come close, his mouth moved to her breasts and he took one dark pink nipple into his lips. This was too much for her, she moved her hips moving as much of him in her as possible. He thrusts his hips up to meet hers and this was all it took for him to release his seed into her with a moan. She came with a loud moan as well as she arched her back.

She collapsed sweaty and breathless into his arms. She had been with one other man - but it wasn’t nearly as good. She tenderly kissed his collar bone and he the top of her head before they looked into each other eyes completely satisfied and so much in love.

“Abigail...” he whispered leaning down “I love you.” and their lips met in a tender sweet kiss. She wondered if this is how true love feels. She had never felt this way before. There was nothing in-between them now and he was still within her. She pulled away and took a breath looking into his shimmering eyes.

“and I you.” she whispered back kissing him. They stayed in this kiss for what seemed like eternity.

They made love several more times that day but each time was more tender than the previous one - all were so magical. The whole day was spent lost in the feeling, the taste, the sensation of each other. There was no where else Abigail wanted to be than with him.

She awoke the next morning alone in her bed, wondering if the whole previous day was a dream. When she saw the note on her nightstand - she knew it wasn’t.

My Dearest Abigail,

I regret having to leave you so sudden and so soon. I have some important matters to deal with in the sea. I know you will understand. I will see you during the next high tide. Until than I am with you - always remember that.

Only yours,

The next high tide was in two months which was just too far away for Abigail's liking but she would wait an eternity to see him again.


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