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Fandom: Original -  "A World Amongst Our Own"
Characters/Pairings: Original - Adelaide "Ada" Abrams/Cethin
Rating: Various (PG - R)
Summary: A young which named Adelaide is visited my a mysterious stranger.


Adelaide Abrams or Ada to her friends always enjoyed visiting her grandmother. Her grandmother was the one person who always taught her who she was, what she was - a witch. They would sit by the fire during the winter or under the old cherry tree in the spring and talk about everything. Her grandmother made sure she knew all the folklore, legends and mythologies - about beings that know one else knew existed.

One of these being was the Gargoyle - a proud and courageous race. Most of mythology called them demons but in fact they were better than demons - kinder and more compassionate. Witches and Gargoyles always had a steady of not spastic relationship.

When Ada received that call, a call any loved one fears. The call that someone they love is no longer among the living. That call was about her grandmother, she was devastated beyond words. Even after leaving her home town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, she always remained close to her grandmother. They said her grandmother passed away during the evening in her sleep, peacefully.

Ada immediately returned to her home town. Despite the melancholy mood, she found comfort in the town and its people. It was old, familiar and full of fond memories.

Part One

It was a chilly late winters evening and Ada was settling into her bed for the night. She was sleeping soundly when something suddenly woke her from her sleep. She quietly slide out of bed and walked lightly to her door , trying to open it so it wouldn’t creak. She tiptoed down the hall and into the main room. She saw nothing in the living room, she checked the kitchen and saw a tall muscular man standing on the porch. 

She slowly and cautiously crept through the kitchen and opened the glass door that led to the porch and backyard.

Sensing her presents he turned to face her he had gold rimmed brown eyes that faintly glowed. His skin was smooth and charcoal colored, and his hair was slightly curly and jet black. His bat-like wings were folding against his back. He wore no clothing. Ada stood their fascinated by him he just looked back at her.

A spark went off in her mind ‘Gargoyle’ she was suddenly terrified – but he didn’t look at all like the ones that were depicted in art but her grandmother had warned her about those like them.  He stepped closer – she didn’t know what to do.He continued to look at her intently as he stepped forward – she took a deep breath and her body stiffened.

“Adelaide…I’m not going to harm you” the Gargoyle said calmly. He was now standing inches away. He reached out a large  hand with black finger nails. He gently touched her cheek - his skin was soothingly warm.

‘He knows my name!‘ “Wh..why are you here?” she inquired with a shaky voice

“My name is Cethin”  he responded simply “I have something to ask you” This caught her attention she looked inquisitively up at him “If you accept it…I’ll return tomorrow. If you don’t…you’ll never see me again” he hopped with every bit of his being she would.

“Alright…” she responded not sure what else to say.

He paused for a moment “I would like you to bare my child” he said as tenderly as he could. The expression on her face turned from curious to terrified in a moment. He already knew her answer.

“Child…wh…Why me?” she inquired taking several steps back. He had remained where her cheek was.

“I know what you are and how you are” he responded “I know you can handle it – your magic will protect you”  he paused “Your loving, nurturing and beautiful”

No one knew that she was a witch but of course other supernatural creatures would. She blinked unsure of what to say or do. Somehow he meant it.

“One perfect being” he responded closing the gap between them. He took her face in both hands and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. Her heart skipped a bit – which was unexpected.

She was breathing heavily – due either to the warmth which radiated  from him or the tenseness of the situation or because of…she snapped herself out of the daze and backed away from him.  She was attempting to clear her head. She knew how dangerous he was.

“Cethin…” she said whispered “If I say yes…” she paused again – he could see the fear in her eyes  “I need a better explanation”

He nodded, he was willing to give her any thing she wanted. “I’ve been searching for someone like you for a hundred years  – someone who is loving, compassionate, wise and noble” he responded “Someone who has the ability to love unconditionally…someone who wouldn’t run away”

She smiled half-heartedly at him. “Why be with a mortal…when your immortal?” she inquired taking a step from the glass door.

“My mothers half-human” He responded to her putting his hand out for her “I’ve always found mortals to be more desirable” he continued “You have dreams…you love” . She hesitantly took his hand and he pulled her closer.

He looked at her as no man has ever looked at her.  He towered over her – he probably stood six-foot-three-inches, compared to her five-foot-six-inches. She looked up into his dark eyes “What if I want to speak to your mother…what is her name?” she inquired.

“Her name is Judith…and I will tell her you want to speak to her” he answered leaning down so their foreheads where touching. He pulled her to his bare chest and wrapped his arms around her. He made her feel as no man had ever made her feel. Her hands fell on his muscular sculpted chest. She became aware of something pressing against her which caused her to gasp.

“I’m sorry” he whispered in her ear – he had the most loving tender look in his eyes. She placed a soft kiss on his chest.

“Is that a…yes?” he inquired. She nodded her head in response.  His heart filled with such joy and love – he couldn’t believe it.

“You need to sleep” he whispered unwrapping his arms from around her. She nodded sleeply. “and I’ll go tell mother” she smiled at him. He gently picked her up, he arms around his neck and caried her to her room gently setting her down on the bed .

“I’ll see you tomorrow evening” he replied pulling the covers over her and placing a final kiss on her forehead. She reached a hand up and ran it through his thick dark wavy hair. She smiled again at him. “Rest, my love” he replied kissing her on the nose.

She forgot how late it was, her eyes were starting to involuntarily close. Her hand lowered from his face and she started to slowly dose off. “Rest.” he said slowly walking out the door. Before closing the door behind him he saw her slowly nod her head.

There was a whirl of air and the sound of wings and he was gone.

Part Two

"Cethin!" Erebos' voice boomed across the hall like thunder. Cethin already knew what it was about - Adelaide. His father, despite his past, didn't really care for humans much the less his son being with one. Cethin was the oldest child, therefore the successor to the throne.

Cethin hesitantly went in the direction of his fathers angry voice. When he entered the throne room, his father was on the black onyx throne and his mate, Lamya, was by his side. Lamya, was not Cethin's mother but she did raise him since he was thirteen.

"Father" Cethin addresses the older Gargoyle quietly. His father just nodded and glared at him.

"You went to her last night." this wasn't a question but a fact. Erebos never knew what his son saw in humans. He figured it came from being around them for too many years.

"Yes, father" Cethin responded his eyes cast to the floor "I did."

"Did she cast you aside" his father inquired "like a sick hound?" During this time Lamya was looking at Cethin with eyes filled with dread.

"No..." Cethin responded meeting his fathers eyes "she didn't." The look at both of the older Gargoyle's faces said it all - utter surprise. Erebos didn't know what to make of it. For the first time in his long rein he was unsure. Should be condone his son of give his blessing.

Erebos, himself, once laid with a half-Gargoyle woman. This union resulted in a son - the son which stands before him now. Gargoyle principals state that the oldest child regardless of linage or race be the successor.

Cethin was utterly afraid of what his father would say...or do.

"You must bring her here" His father finally spoke "so I can see her." She was after all to rule by Cethin's side.

"Of course" Cethin responded. "I told her I would come this evening."

"This evening. It is, than" Erebos responded dismissing his son. Cethin took the cue and exited the room.

Ada woke with the sun beaming through the curtains. She remembers last night, but was it a dream? She rolls over to check the time - the clock reads eight-o-clock in the morning. She lazily gets out of bed and stretches. She’s thankful its Saturday and she doesn’t have to open the shop. She stumbles over to her bathroom and washes her face. Staring at her reflection she notices how warn out she looks.

‘No doubt from staying up with Cethin’ she thinks to herself. ‘Wait! Cethin?’ she suddenly remembers she’s suppose to have a visitor today. With this knew revelation she hurriedly brushes her teeth and puts on some light make-up and runs back into the bedroom to find something to wear. She settles on a pair of blue-jeans and a baby-blue turtleneck sweater.

She walks past the living room and into the kitchen. She picks her favorite tea out of the pantry and boiled some water on the stove - grandmother always preferred the old fashion way, none of those electric tea kettles. She let the tea bag seep while she made herself a bagel with cream cheese and red raspberry jam. She walked out to the porch with tea and bagel in-hand. She loved the late winter mornings, the air was still cool but there was a hint of spring peeking though. She was happily gazing off into her grandmothers garden and the pond sipping her tea, when there was a knock at the door. It had startled her ‘Judith?’ she thought to herself - but it was only nine-thirty. With a sign Ada got up and walked back inside the house.

When she opened the front door a older-women was standing there, her face oozed kindness and wisdom. Her black hair was streaked with the grey of age and her brown eyes dulled by the years. Her skin was of a strange grayish complexion.

“Judith?” Ada asked cautiously the older women just smiled.

“Adelaide.” The older woman responded kindly, Ada nodded in reply.

“Ada.” Ada replied in return “Not many people call me by my whole name...come in?” she continued motioning to the older women to come inside.

‘Very well...” the older women responded walking past Ada “Ada.” she said looking about the room “What a lovely home.”

“Thank you...” Ada replied “it was my grandmothers."

"You said yes?" Judith asked suddenly. This caught Ada off guard 'she gets right to the point doesn't she' Ada thought to herself.

The cavernous halls were dark even with lamps lite. Their home, like those of all Gargoyles, was built within a mountain.

"Brother?" Cethin paused at the sound of his sister's voice. He turned and faced her, Charna was young and beautiful and she had a full figure with a round stomach since she was expecting her first child with her mate, Matthew.

"Sister!" he responded happy to see her. They always had a great relationship. "How's Matthew?" he liked the man and he was good to his sister.

"He's well, thank you." she answered and she paused "I heard you found your mate?"

"I have." Cethin responds "you'll meet her this evening." If anyone would welcome Ada it would be Charna - after all her mate wasn't a Gargoyle neither. Charna smiles in reply.

They part ways, Cethin finds his chambers, they are dark and lonely. He awaits the day when Ada will join him. He strides over to the wall which has an old portrait of his mother. She has the same kind, loving expression as Ada does.

"I did" Ada responds kinda taken back taking a sip of her tea, realizing she hadn't offer any to Judith "would you like some tea?"

"I would love some" Judith replied smiling at Ada. Ada fixed Judith her choice of tea and handed the steaming cup to her. Judith cautiously sipped it and smiled, they strolled out to the porch overlooking the garden. Ada had very fond memories of that garden.

“Why, did you say yes?” Judith suddenly asked glancing at Ada.

“I could tell he cared about me...truly cared” Ada responded meeting the older woman's eyes, Judith just smiled in reply.

“Cethin...” Judith responded “was always different than the others, I always knew that” she continued glancing out into the garden.

“If you don’t mind me asking...” Ada hesitated “how did you meet his father?” The older woman smiled and turned towards Ada.

“I don’t mind at all” she responded “Well...let’s see...I wondered off into the mountains one night and heard something in the distance, I followed that sound and found what looked like a man, but wasn’t quit” she paused the smile on her face grew “His name is Erebos. He turned out to be what I am half of as well.” she paused “I think you know the rest...we fell in love and one night decided to consummate that love and conceived a child” the look on Judith’s face was nothing less of fondness and love, she clearly still loved Erebos.

“Erebos at that time was the successor to their throne.” Judith picked up “I was given the offer of ruling by his side, but refused.” she paused “He took another mate and she ruled by his side. He loves Cethin so much as does she...I am grateful” she pauses again “Cethin is now the successor to the throne.”

Ada didn’t know what to say in response this was a lot of information to comprehend. “He wants me to rule with him?” Ada finally spoke, Judith just nodded thoughtfully “To be Queen?”

“Vicereine.” Judith corrected with a smile. Ada nodded in understanding. She was to be the Vicereine of the Gargoyles!



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