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Series Title: The Devil's Heart
Characters: Lucifer/OFC & Gabriel
Summary: For spn_30snapshots at LiveJournal.

Right in Front of Me (PG-13)

In Lucifer's opinion music in the club was unbearably loud.

Despite what others thought he did appreciate beauty and beauty was in front of him. Her brown hair shinned in the harsh light of the club and her dark blue eyes shone with intensity.

He wasn’t here on purpose he was simply passing by when he felt a soul touch his own and he had to follow it. Something like that is never to be ignored. Even in the crowded club he knew her soul.

It was that feeling which drew him to her and it was that feeling that wouldn't let him leave.

He watched as she danced and seduced customers. He could tell that she was better than this place. That all of this was a charade, a way to survive. Her soul spoke volumes more.

Since the semi-loss of his Grace, another way of Michael punishing him, he had found very few things on Earth worthy of his full attention. She had his complete attention. When she passed in front of him dancing to the music and touching herself provocatively. There eyes made contact briefly. Not only was her body beautiful but so was her soul.

He saw a man sitting opposite of him and could tell by the way he was poised that he was in charge. Lucifer knew he had to be with her - in private - free from prying eyes. He decided to make his way over to the man.

"I have to see her" Lucifer whispered to the club owner motioning to the brunnet.

"It'll cost you" the man replied bluntly "$100 for thirty-minuets". Lucifer didn't hesitate to nod and pulled the amount from his back pocket. The man seemed impressed. "Room number three."

Lucifer nodded walking away. He found his way to the hall with the rooms and located number three. The room was dark except for one red light. He found the couch and settled himself into it.

He could here footsteps approach the curtain pulled back and she stepped in. Her eyes bore the same expression as they had earlier - that of defeat.

She looked at him and smiled sightly. Her jade green eyes meeting his blue ones.

"What's your name?" he asked extending his hand to her smiling.

"Adrienne" she replied hesitantly taking his hand. There was a warm sensation that connected them. She could see all of his memories and he all of hers. Tears fell down her cheeks.

He pulled her to sit by him. Facing her he whipped her tears with his thumbs. He was so cold. She couldn't take her eyes off of him.

"Wh...what happened?" she whispered searching his face for the answer.

"My Grace and your soul touched." he answered mater-of-factly "we're Soulmates...we were created to be one."

All Adrienne could do was take a deep breath. What do you say to that? "How did you find me?"

"My Grace found your soul" he responded leaning closer to her "I felt it and followed it to you"

He could tell what she was going to ask next 'why didn't I feel it?' so he decided to beat her to it. "you know who I am...what I am."
He whispered "that's how."

"Ten minuets" he heard the owner yell to them. Where did the time go?

"What time do you leave tonight?" he inquired now their lips where nearly touching

"One in the morning." she answered noticing he smelled slightly of mint.

"I'll meet you by the entrance" he responded kissing her tenderly on the lips. He tasted like mint too. She just nodded in reply.

He pulled back to see her expression, it was of pure love. He kissed her again more passionately this time. Their bliss was interrupted by the club owner yelling that their time was up.

"I'll see you at one." Lucifer replied kissing her on the cheek.

Lucifer decided to head "home" - well it was home at the current time. He entered the apartment to find a brooding Gabriel sitting on the couch. Gabriel looked up sensing Lucifer presence. Before Gabriel had the chance to say anything.

"I found her, Gabriel" Lucifer told his brother in a tone Gabriel had never heard him use before. This caused him to perk up.

"Her?" Gabriel inquired furling his brows.

"The one I was created to be one with" Lucifer continued "when we touched..."

"Whoa...whoa...hang on there, Luci" Gabriel cut in waving his hands in front of him. "so she knows who you are? What you are?"

"Yes." Lucifer replied, he didn't like the direction this was going. "She didn't care"

Gabriel gave his one of those looks. Lucifer just stared back. "So tell me more!" Gabriel continued "what kind of touch?" he asked making an inappropriate motion with his hands and wiggling his eyebrows "hmm...hmm...you know what I'm saying!"

"No!" Lucifer responded clearly offended "not that kind...we kissed...more than once." Gabriel was now intrigued.

"Where did you meet?" Gabriel continued his interrogation.

"A local gathering place" Lucifer answered vaguely. Gabriel gave him one of those 'yay, sure thing looks' "a club...a strip club"

"A strip club!" now this was getting entertaining "so...how was that? I've always wanted to go to one of those!"

"Honestly?" Lucifer shot back "I was only there because of her!" Gabriel made a sound in response. Lucifer glanced at the watch - that Gabriel forced him to get. "I have to go."

"Oh?" Gabriel replied

"Adrienne is off at one." Lucifer continued "I told her I would be there."

"Adrienne, that's her name?" Gabriel inquired cocking his head. Lucifer just nodded and than he walked out of the apartment.

Kiss, Interrupted (PG-13)

They had been together officially for a couple of weeks. They were sitting on the couch she was in his arms. He leaned over and whisper to her and she turned and lovingly smiled at him. He tenderly kissed her. Then he pulled away.

He kissed her again over and and over playfully. Then he paused and they looked in each others eyes. She didn’t just look at him she saw him. He leaned over kissing her passionately. They where now laying on the couch and he was on top of her. They look into each others eyes before he leaned down covering her lips with his.

They were lost in the bliss of each other. Her hand were on either side of his head pulling him close. He's lying between her legs, his hands on her hips. This is what Elysium is - each other. Nothing but each other. Lost in the taste of each other.

There is a fluttering of wings "Really?" Gabriel's voice yells out "Come on!"

Lucifer's head shoots up. He focuses on Gabriel his eyes searing into him. "What are you doing here?" Lucifer spats. Adrienne is attempting to sit up but it is increibly difficult since Lucifer is still on top of her. She nudges him.

"Just visiting my bro!" Gabriel responds casually. Lucifer is still glaring at him.

Suddenly Gabriel's eyes shoot to Adrienne. Her green eyes briefly meet his amber ones. Lucifer notices this. He realizes that he has never introduced them to each other.

"Adrienne" he sits up moving off of her "this is Gabriel, my brother" he says motioning towards his brother.

"Adrienne." Gabriel says slowly.

"Gabriel" she replies smiling at him.

Bound Together (PG)
“It’s an eternal promise...we will forever be connected” Lucifer whispered his face inches away from Adrienne’s. “I want you to be sure.”

“If we are meant to be” she responded closing the small gap between them “than it is meant to be” she closed her eyes as he softly kissed her. A tear from each eye rolled down his cheeks.


“You’re sure.” Gabriel said starring at his brother “This is serious”. Lucifer just nodded unable to speak, tears in his eyes. He never thought that in his hundreds of thousands years that he would find the one.

“I know.” he managed to whisper a smile spreading across his face.

Gabriel feared for Lucifer secretly. His brother did only have half of his Grace.


He meet her at her apartment at the time they agreed on. When she answered the door she was dressed in an off-white halter dress with a semi-transparent top over it. He was dressed in his usual color pallet of black but this time he wore a dusty red shirt. He instantly took her in his arms and kissed her passionately - they lingered there for a while.

He led her to her living room where she had arranged pillows on the floor in front of the hearth. He sat down pulling her down in front of him. He gently but firmly placed his thumb against the inside of her left wrist and pressed down. His eyes never once wondered from hers “Close your eyes” he whispered and she complied by slowly shutting them. He followed suit closing his own.

He begun to chant “commah baltoh christeos oiad noasmi nostoah obza” she had never heard him sound that way before and even more intriguing was that he had never spoken Enochian around her before “christeos oiad noasmi io-iad” he continued. Suddenly it was as if the air was sucked from the room and an overwhelming sensation came over her, her wrist burned and than all went white.

She awoke in his arms snuggled to his chest “Thank God” he whispered kissing her forehead tenderly. She looked up into his powder blue eyes worn with concern.

“How long was I out?” she inquired to him in attempt to make sense of the lost time.

“Eight hours” he answered placing a soft kiss on her lips. She suddenly became aware of a soft burning sensation on her left wrist. She glanced down and caught sight of a symbol in gold engraved into her skin.

“It worked?” she looked back up at him questionably, he just nodded in response and kissed her again.

They stayed in each others arms in a deep kiss for several minuets. They were as they were meant to be - as one...for eternity.

commah baltoh christeos oiad noasmi nostoah obza = Bind us, let us be as one
christeos oiad noasmi io-iad = Let us be forever

Only For You (NC-17)

There is nothing separating them - the only sensation is the deep love shared between them and that of their skin against each others. It is the first night since their bonding, the first night they are truly one.

“I love you so much” he whispers into the top of her head, his voice in tender and true “I never thought I would find someone”

“You found me” she responds looking up into his powder blue eyes “and I love you so much too!” The love they shared, the bond is deeper than any human could possible fathom. The bond between an Angel, non-the-less an Archangel, and his mate is unbreakable.

Their lips met in a tender kiss as they closed their eyes immersed in each other “Let me have you...completely” his whispered into her lips. She nodded her head and they continued kissing.

Despite what most thought, Lucifer was capable of deep and passionate love. He was also so careful and tender. “Did I hurt you?” he inquired to her looking deep into her eyes.

“Of course not” she chocked in response while attempting to adjust to the feeling of him inside her. She had saved herself, despite many of her friends, because she believed that making love should mean something and that it should only be done with the one you truly love.

He softly covered her lips with his own as he slowly pulled himself out of her and slowly in again. She didn’t flinch - so he continued his movement each time moving deeper with in her. He felt her nails against his back. Her breathing became more labored as did his. She gasped as she held on to him tighter. His lips moved to the soft skin of her neck causing her to gasp more. She wondered if making love always felt like this - probably not.

She moved her hips with his deepening his penetration and their pleasure. He moaned against her skin. She bit her lip and buried her face against his shoulder as a sharp pain hit her - he broke her shield. He positioned himself over her and looked into her eyes searching for any sign of pain or fear - there was none. They were both so close it was unbearable - he must of felt it too since he picked up the speed of his thrusts. Suddenly she was overcome with pleasure.

“Lucifer” she gasped as she came her body trembling.

He came shortly after collapsing on her “Adrienne” he whispered into her neck.

They laid there gasping and sweaty for several minuets before he slowly pulled out and rolled on to his back next to her. She shifted over placing her head and hand on his chest. He stared up at the ceiling attempting to gather his thoughts.

“How was I?” he whispered lazily running his figures through her damp hair.

“Wonderful” she responded closing her eyes. He laid there looking at his sleeping mate before he too succumbed to sleep.


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