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Fandom: Original -  "A World Amongst Our Own"
Characters/Pairings: Original - Adelaide "Ada" Abrams/Cethin, Erebos - cameos by Lamya and Charna.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ada meets the Gargoyles.

It was late afternoon when Judith left about the time when the day surrenders to the evening as the sun fades and the stars appear. She had left Ada with much to think about - the Gargoyles, her future as Vicerine.

She was fixing herself some chamomile tea when she heard Cethin arrive, the steady soft beat of his wings. She peered out the window just as he landed - without a sound and graceful. She took her tea and went to the garden to greet him. They met half-way and he took her in his strong arms causing her to nearly spill the tea. She managed to find a place to set it before he pulled her into a passionate kiss.

“Pardon my haste” he said in that deep voice of his.

“It’s fine.” she responded breathless before he kissed her again. She closed her eyes enjoying the sensation of his lips on hers. She broke it off and took his hand attempting to lead him inside.

“We have to go” he responded bluntly “My family’s expecting us.”

This caused Ada to whirl around and stare at him “Your family?” she asked irritated.

“My father insisted on meeting you” Cethin retorted, the look on her face was of fear “They will love you as much as I do” he continued taking her face in his large hands and stroked her jaw line with his thumbs.

“You are going to be by my side” he whispered “it is necessary that they meet you” he leaned down taking her mouth in his. After a few moments he pulled away and looked in her eyes. “Ada..” She nodded.

“Alright” she responded a hint of irritation and uncertainty in her voice.

“Do you need to prepare?” he asked concerned looking down at her, she shook her head. “

Hold on to me” he instructed her as he gently picked her up and she wrapped her arms around his neck. With a quick push-off they were airborne. Ada had always enjoyed airplane rides as a child, she loved how the the world looked so small from the air. She closed her eyes not our of fear but to enjoy the cool air  against her. A smile crept across her lips.

It hardly seemed like ten minuets before Cethin landed softly and set her gently on the ground. She turned around and in-front of her stood a large entry way carved right into the face of the mountain. He took her hand a lead her to the entrance as they crossed the thresh-hold a deep growling could be heard from within. Ada stiffened and moved closer to Cethin “It’s alright” he ensured her, she just looked at him terrified “They won’t harm you”

Suddenly two large wolf-like creatures appeared their jet black fur gleamed in the moonlight and than one paused to sniff her and it looked up at her with amber eyes. “What is it?” she whispered to Cethin.

“Hounds” he whispered in reply “They’re companions and guardians” Suddenly the one that was closest to Ada sat down its eyes still on her “They can smell my scent on you”. Ada took it as a good sign and exhaled as Cethin lead her with in the mountain and the hounds followed behind.

They walked deeper into the cavernous halls that were lined with oil lamps, the air was cool and slightly musky. When they entered the main hall they could hear voices at the other end. Before entering the massive room they paused.

“I have something for you” Cethin whispered a wooden box appeared, from where Ada wasn’t certain since Cethin wore no clothing. She looked at it and than back up at him. He opened it revealing a gold chain with a round black diamond surrounded by small rubies.

“I don’t know what to say” Ada responded as he removed the necklace from the box and stepped behind her to fasten it around her neck.

“You don’t have to say anything” Cethin whispered in her ear. She turned around to face him and he pulled her into a deep kiss. They parted as he led her into the large room.

Ada’s eyes widened as they took in the scale of it with large oil chandlers hanging from the ceiling. At the other end sat Erobos on his throne, Lamya to his left and Charna to his right. They immediately looked up sensing Ada and Cethin’s arrival. Ada froze not sure what to say or do. The Gargoyles’ expression was not of anger but of relief.

“Father” Cethin spoke to older male nodding his head. The older Gargoyle nodded in reply.

“Adelaid “ Erebos spoke quietly causing her eyes to dart to him “Cethin speaks so fondly of you”

Ada slightly smiled out of nervousness not sure how to respond and than she remembered his name “Erebos” she responded. This caught the his attention as well as Lamya’s and Charna’s.

Erebos just looked at her his face emotionless. “Leave us” he spoke

“Father?” Cethin questioned concern evident in his voice

“My son” was all Erebos had to say for Cethin to understand that he meant Ada no harm.

The three Gargoyles did as they were told and exited the room. Cethin’s glance lingered on Ada and his father before he too left.

“Adelaid” Erebos spoke quietly “How do you know who I am?” he inquired standing from his throne and taking a stride towards her.

“Judith” she whispered “I spoke to her” This caused his expression to change, it was almost sad.

“Oh, I see” he reponded circling around her “What did she say about me?”

Ada paused to consider if she should proceed or not “She said that both of you were deeply in love” Ada spoke quietly, the large Gargoyle paused in front of her “and how she choose not to rule by your side” Something flashed in the Gargoyle’s eyes - was it anger or sadness? Ada didn’t know.

“Did I upset you?” Ada asked Erebos “I didn’t mean too”

“You didn’t” Erebos replied closing the gap between them her was now inches from her “Lie with me, tonight” he whispered now there was no space between them.
This sudden proposition startled Ada “What?!” she responded wide-eyed.

“As Viceroy, it is my right to lie with any woman I desire” he responded clarifying “and I desire you”

She opened her mouth to reply “I...I can’t...Cethin” she mumbled staring up at Erebos.

“Cethin understands...he knows” Erebos replied “He won’t be angry” he continued leaning down and pressed a soft kiss to her lips. She was shocked and angry.

“What if...” Ada asked pulling away from Erebos.

“If it results in a child” Erebos starting explaining “Than we will all love that child. It won’t be the heir since it is not his” This was all foreign to Ada, humans didn’t do it this way - obviously.

Ada just looked at him and nodded in response.

“Come they are waiting” Erebos spoke motioning towards the door, she followed him to the large dinning hall.

Cethin rose to his feet immediately upon seeing her enter. Her eyes darted to them, they were laced with fear and uncertainty. Cethin meat her half way and took her in his arms “Are you alright” he whispered concern evident in his voice. She shook her head.

“Can I speak to you” she whispered and looked around the room “alone” she added.

“Of course” he responded as they snuck out of the room “what’s the matter” he asked holding her.

“Erebos, your father...” she paused not sure how to proceed “I have to..”

“I know” Cethin responded “I should have told you but I didn’t think he would want to” Her eyes darted to his “He didn’t seem like he had desire for you...I’m sorry” he finished kissing her tenderly “You will always be mine” he concluded. Ada nodded and smiled burying her face in his chest.

The rest of the evening went smoothly. They sat down to dine, Ada noted that Lamya and Charna were pleasant enough but she could never shake Erebos’ glance. Her stomach turned knowing that she had to fornicate with him that night.
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