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Fandom: Original - "Child of Darkness"
Rating: PG
Warnings: none.
Characters/Pairings: Original - Orias/Vera Roberts
Summary: Written for 100 Themes Challenge at deviantART. Orias and Vera enjoy an intimate moment.
Disclaimer: Characters and story are mine!

Vera was thirty-six weeks pregnant with Orias’ child. Every day seemed to be growing longer, she could sense the birth was eminent.

Orias could sense it too “Your going to be a wonderful mother” he whispered to her as he tenderly held her and gently rubbed her large stomach “Our child is so fortunate.” Vera took a deep breath when their son kicked, he was just as restless as his parents.

Her pregnancy has progresses normally, she was thankful for that. However, the baby was larger and more demanding than a human one. She constantly worried if she would be able to deliver safely, Orias always reassured her that nothing would happen to her or their son.

He laid her gently on the floor and raised her shirt so her round stomach was exposed. He placed a hand on each side and rubbed it with his thumbs and pressed his lips to the smooth taunt skin. Vera gasped at the sensation - since becoming pregnant her skin was so sensitive. He placed his head on her stomach and closed his eyes feeling their child move inside her.

She ran her hands lovingly through his hair and he turned and smiled at her bliss evident in his golden eyes. He loved feeling his son move, nothing made him happier.

“Soon” he whispered into her stomach and their son kicked in response.
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