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Fandom: Original - "Child of Darkness"
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Characters/Pairings: Original - Orias, Vera Roberts
Summary: Written for 100 Themes Challenge at deviantART. Vera smells smoke and follows it to discover something.
Disclaimer: Characters and story are mine!

It was a late fall evening - the time of the year when the pleasant coolness of autumn gives way to the bitter cold of winter. Vera was getting ready to turn in for the evening when she realized she forgot to put out the fire. As she opened her bedroom door the slight scent of smoke filled her nose. A sense of panic swept over her as she sprinted down the hallway towards the den.

When she entered the room she was grateful it wasn't on fire but what she saw there was even more surprising. A tall muscular being with deep red skin and jet black hair was standing facing the fire. The being sensing her presents turned to face her. His golden eyes stared into her hazel ones. He made a motion to step towards her causing her to step back.

"Wh..Who are you?!" she chocked out her voice cracking.

"I am Orias" the being responded his voice was deep, smooth and seductive. He took another step forward his eyes not leaving hers.

"Wh...What do you want?" she chocked again taking another step back

"Tell me your name." he asked taking another step causing her to take another step and running into the wall. She shook her head in reply not saying a word. "I don't want to hurt you." he stated coldly causing her to swallow.

"Vera" she whispered her voice cracking with panic as the being was now just a foot away.

"I want you, Vera" he whispered seductively and closed the gap between them "I want you to be the mother of my child." She was completely stricken by panic now. She starred wide-eyed at him her body trembling.

"Why?" she whispered her voice barely audible.

"In order for me to be initiated into the legion" he started explaining moving his hands to rest on her hip "I need to father a child" His face was now inches from hers. His body seemed to radiate heat and his breath was like a warm steam. "I've seen how loving and understanding you are...you would be a wonderful mother."

She stood there as still as stone looking up at him. She figured if he meant her harm he would of already have taken her. But he didn't.

"And if I say no?" she asked him her voice a whisper.

"Than I'll go...and you'll never see me again" he responded he paused "Let me have you" he continued placing a soft kiss on her forehead. This sudden contact made her stiffen more. "Relax" he whispered placing another soft kiss on her temple. She closed her eyes for minuet enjoying the sensation of his lips on her skin - than her eyes snapped open and she pushed him away and slid away from him.

She took a deep breath trying to regain her composure and turned around to face him. The look in his eyes was of genuine hurt. She pressed her lips together not knowing what to say.

"Vera" he whispered to her his voice full of hurt that it made her heart sink "Please...consider it" he continued taking a step forward causing her to put a hand out and step back. This wasn't suppose to be but she nodded her head anyway.
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