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Title: Bathing
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Original - "Forbidden Love"
Pairings/Characters: Original - Anna Mitchell-Westfield/Joseph Westfield
Words: 575
Summary: Anna takes a bath with Joseph's help. For Kink Bingo "washing/cleaning".
Copyright: All characters and story belong to me!

The early morning light shown brightly through seam between the curtains hitting Anna in the eyes.  She blinks her eyes attempting to focus. The bedside clock reads 7:30am - entirely to early she thinks. Joseph is still sound asleep as she slowly slips out of bed.

She walks to the bathroom and decides to run herself a bath. After she tests the water to make sure it’s not to hot or to cold. She lifts her nightgown over her head and as she knelt down to step out of her undergarment. A sharp kick from within her reminded her of the presence of their child. She wondered to herself if a fetus so young should be so strong - but this wasn’t an ordinary child. She took a breath and after removing her undergarment she gingerly stepped into the warm bath water and slowly lowered herself into it.

The warm water and bath salts offered some much welcomed realization. She took the bath bar and ran it over her small bump and was surprised when a hand caught hers she turned her head and was met by Joseph’s intense grey eyes. “You know how much I enjoy bathing you”  he whispered into her ear.

“I know” she responded as their lips met in a soft kiss “I didn’t want to wake you” she whispered against his soft lips. He just smiled in reply and brought her hand up to meet his lips and took the bath bar from her grasp before setting back in the holder. He rose from his spot behind the tub and she watched as he removed his pajamas.

His body was sculpted and beautiful - like a Greek god. Her breath caught each and every time she saw him unclothed. She scooted forward in the tub as he stepped into the warm water behind her. He sat down with her between his legs and wrapped his strong arms around her and pulled her closer. She gladly gave in and leaned against his chest “Where were we?” he whispered seductively and he reached over and took the bath bar and wash cloth from the tray. He rubbed the cloth against the bar so it became sudded up. He gently ran the warm cloth over her newly round stomach and over her leg to her knee. She turned her head so their lips touched once again.

The kiss was passionate yet tender she could feel his free hand on her inner thigh. He moved his fingers gently as he touched her inner lips causing her to gasp “Joseph” he continued kissing her and touching her. She could feel his own arousal against the small of her back. He slowly slid a finger within her causing her to arch her back their kiss becoming more passionate by the second. It amazed her how he was always so focused on pleasing her that he didn’t seem to care about his own need.

She slid a hand behind her in between them and stroked his hard manhood “Anna” he gasped between kisses. They closed their eyes enjoying the touch of each other until they were satisfied coming with muffled moans.

He held her against him once more as they caught their breath and cleared their vision “We should continue washing” came Joseph’s sudden revelation. He smiled as he saw the small peak of their child above the water - reminding him how lucky they were.
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