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Title: Unexpected Child
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Original - "Forbidden Love"
Pairings/Characters: Original - Anna Mitchell-Westfield/Joseph Westfield
Words: 519
Summary: Anna is woken up at night to a pleasant surprise. For Kink Bingo "vanilla kink".
Copyright: All characters and story belong to me!

It was the sudden sensation within her that woke her from slumber. Her hand was instinctively drawn to it. The first thing she noticed was that her stomach was no longer flat but now slightly round. She knew this was a risk of their union - a risk they gladly excepted. There was a reason Witches avoided Vampires - due to their magical abilities Witches were the only ones that could bare the undead offspring.

Anna glanced over and saw Joseph sleeping soundly. She sighed to herself and crawled out of bed and walked quietly to the full-length mirror at the corner of their room. She looked at her reflection her eyes drawn to her bump. She bunched her nightgown up exposing her new round belly. She gingerly touched the soft skin of her stomach as their child stirred once again. She looked to be about four months but it had only been a few months since they consummated their union. It had been at her insistence that they not make love until they were joined.

The ceremony was perfect. It was a warm spring day and the air was scented with the fragrance of cherry blossoms. She wore a gown that was embroidered with the soft pink blossom and he wore a black and white suite. Their vows were true and heart felt. Despite all the trials that had been set before them, they triumphed.

She was startled out of her reverie by a kick from their child and the sound of soft footsteps behind her. She turned around and was met by Joseph. His eyes wondered to her bump and a smile spread across his face. In the five-hundred years that he's been a Vampire he never imagined that he would have a child of his own.

He pulls her into a loving embrace "Anna" he whispers into her neck his voice is soft and tender. She doesn't respond, she doesn't have to, he can sense her uncertainty - her fear. "There is nothing to worry about" he says it like he's certain "Our child will be perfect". Her Gaspeite colored eyes meet his dark grey ones. He runs a hand through her dark auburn hair "Let's go back to bed" he whispers leading her back to their bed.

They crawl back into their respective sides and he pulls her close as they settle back into the covers. She gasps as their child kicks once again. Joseph muffled a laugh "Active, I see" he whispered placing a hand on her stomach. Their child seems to settle down - at least for the moment.

See tries to fall back asleep but her mind is swimming with a million thoughts. All of them about the new life growing within her. She can feel it stir within her and she absent-mindedly rubbed her belly and cooed to their developing child "Shh...I need to sleep". The reply comes in the form of a soft kick. She sighs and cuddles against Joseph and closes her eyes. Their hands remain on her round stomach, their fingers touching.
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